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telecommunication products

Corded Phones

Our range of corded telephones that caters for a wide range of user requirements.

Digitally Enhanced Cordless Telephones

Our advanced range of DECT telephones for use in flexible situations where desk clutter is minimised giving more freedom of movement.

Range Extender

Repeaters for DECT phone systems help to extend the range of operational efficiencies for larger homes and offices.

Digital Answering Machine

Telephone answering device that will help you to stay in contact at times when it is not possible to take a call.

VOIP Telephones

A great alternative for environments conducive to Internet Telephony with a stable broadband network infrastructure.

Telephone Headsets

A choice of professional telephone headset solutions with optional adapter switch to help you manage your calls in an efficient and professional way.


These amplifiers for telephone headsets are designed to deliver top end voice reception paired with industrial standard noise-canceling microphone technology.