HISTORY 1985 – 2010

Quality Technologies (QT) has been in the electronics manufacturing business for quite a long time, since March 1985 to be correct. The mid-eighties was the time when we still had a large electronics manufacturing base, a lot of which has since ‘gone to the wall’.  Quality Technologies has survived and grown largely through a strategic revision of its production portfolio as market conditions changed.  While still mainly a supplier to the local electronics and electrical industry, QT initiated exports to South Korea, Hungary and New Zealand.  The original business focused on the complete local manufacture of PABX systems using components supplied by the German company DFG and the company’s own power supplies.  During the eighties intelligent monitors were also produced for the Department of Education and QT later designed and built its own PC monitors that were sold to the Altech Group.


In the early ‘90s, of course, the telecommunications market changed dramatically with less emphasis being placed on local content and QT appropriately changed direction.  A core proficiency right from the beginning was the design and manufacture of transformers which were produced to satisfy QT’s own in house requirements.  Over time, more and more customers asked the company if they couldn’t produce their transformers as well, and production grew to focus on this business. With a permanent staff of 134 people 12 000 transformers could be produced in a single shift, but a normal production is between 7000 to 10 000 transformer coils per day. The transformers were produced to the customer’s own design and QT was able to develop the design and draw up the specification for the client, ensuring that all transformers delivered adhered to this specification.

“The major focus of Quality Technologies is delivery on time of a quality product that is guaranteed to meet all its specified parameters in operation.”

Thorough test and control
QT‘s in-house quality procedure follows the guidelines of the ISO standard.  This includes records of incoming goods inspection and through line test results.  The company has established its own laboratory and there is a 100% test of all products produced.  The laboratory is also used to test imported copper wire, this being critical for the transformer manufacturing business.

Telephony devices
Quality Technologies also began importing telephone devices in the late eighties but this distribution business was spun off into another company, namely Qualitel Transmission (Qualitel).  Qualitel provides a full range of analogue phones such as basic telephones, speaker phones, feature phones, caller identification phones, ISDN telephones as well as answering machines.  The supplier and manufacturer of the systems is Kingtel of Taiwan, a company renowned for both the quality of the product itself and the audio output of the devices.  While operating as separate companies the link between QT and Qualitel is close.  A complete new range of telephony devices from Kingtel is being launched in South Africa during July 2004.  Quality Technologies has spent almost twenty years establishing an international network of manufacturers for its components that are directly imported.  All of these supplies have been physically inspected by the local company and have established their credibility over a long time period.  In addition to selling its manufactured systems QT has now started selling smaller volumes of components which could be advantageous to other local companies that do not want to hold expensive levels of stock.  All of the imported components are inspected by QT and this includes copper wire, laminations and plastic components.  Quality Technologies itself has moulds for plastic bobbins and transformer housings and these parts can also be supplied if required.


1996 – PRESENT

Qualitel Transmission (“Qualitel”) a leading supplier of corded and cordless telephones in Southern Africa.  Qualitel focuses on the professional and retail market segments with emphasis on commitment to partners and service to customers.

Qualitel Transmission, a privately owned entity was founded in 1996 after independence from the sister company Quality Technologies, a manufacturing entity.  With headquarters in Johannesburg and an extensive presence throughout South Africa the network allows Qualitel product availability while maintaining a highly competitive cost structure.

Qualitel invests significantly in the design and certification of products and introduce numerous new products each year.  All products are subjected to rigorous performance and safety testing and subsequent approval from accredited laboratories.  We ensure that all the necessary certifications are obtained and retain license validity on all our telephone line terminal equipment through the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa.

Overseas Partners

Qualitel have fostered long-lasting business relationships with world-renowned organizations with strengths in research and development of innovative products.  Good manufacturing standards are followed and quality management systems are in place.

Local Partners

Qualitel have established good working alliances with large corporates, distributors and retail chain stores.  We endeavour to perpetuate and extend these valuable associations that are mutually beneficial to all the parties concerned by focusing on the needs of the telecommunications sector at all times.


  • TLTE: – Corded and cordless analogue telephones.
  • Voice over Internet Protocol: – VoIP Phones.
  • Network Products: -Routers, WiFi Range Extenders.
  • Smart Home Products: – Bluetooth speakers, LED Lamps.


We are extremely committed to providing excellent products of impeccable quality at affordable prices with the vision of ensuring that the market has what it requires at all times for its particular needs within the industry in which we operate.